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Annual Conference:

FireArsonPhoto's from the 2017 event can be seen HERE.
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InvestigatorsTraining courses and dates for Investigators will be posted here as the dates become available.






LogoThe primary goal of the Will –Cook- Grundy County Fire Investigation Task Force is to provide training and education, support and assistance to local municipalities through training and determining the origin and cause for large loss fires, multiple fire fatalities and man-power assistance within stricken jurisdictions throughout Will, Cook and Grundy County.



2019 Fire/Arson Conference

demoWill, Cook, Grundy County Fire Investigation Task Force 2019 Fire Arson Investigation Conference March 4-7, 2019 8:00am - 4:00pm

Congratulation to President Smith on his recent election to Northern Zone Director Illinois Chapter IAAI.

All task force arson Investigators please go into the members only new policy and procedures review.


Next Meeting:

Tinley Park Fire Station 1
Date: January 17, 2018




Upcoming Trainings

Monthly training will begin on October 10th at 7PM. Location is Tinley Park Police department at 7850 W. 183rdStreet.
Further details on trainings will be listed on the Members Only section when it becomes available.


New Task Force President

Congratulation to Lieutenant/ Arson Investigator Michael Bacon, 20 year veteran of the Matteson Fire Department elected at the January Executive Board meeting as the new Will - Cook - Grundy - County Task Force President. Michael has served the task force moving up through the organization as Area Commander, Task Force Commander and as Vice President. President Bacon stated that he is looking forward to continuing the success of the task force as a leader in providing the highest quality of training and education available to the membership through out the state. In addition, Michael stated one of his administration goals is to enhance the vital resources to a stricken community requesting assistance with conducting origin and cause investigation by partnering with federal, state and county resources.

Congratulations to retiring President Kevin Smith, Kevin has served the task force since 2005 moving up through the organization as Director of Training, Deputy Commander, Vice President and President. In September 2017 Kevin was elected to Illinois IAAI as the Zone Director and is looking forward to working with the Task Force and Illinois IAAI to promote the highest quality of training and education available to both fire, law enforcement, and private sector investigators through out the state.


2019 Training Conference March 4th through March 7, 2019


Will, Cook, Grundy County Fire Investigation Task Force

Annual Fire & Arson Investigation Training Conference

Frost Insulators Hall,

18320 Spring Creek Drive, Tinley Park Illinois 60477

March 4th through the 7th, 2019

Click HERE for the Flier and Registration Form


“Fire Origin and Cause what you don’t know”

Understanding criminal & civil Litigation to avoid The Nightmares, Pit-falls, Misconceptions, Fallacies, and the facts/truths and your Limited Immunity as it applies to criminal and civil litigation and the Public/Private Sector Fire Investigator

This year’s conference will focus on your suggestions from previous conference seminars concerning fire investigator, arson investigator, law enforcement, and private sector fire investigators need to know, understand, accept, and applied at each fire scene to avoid the litigation pitfalls, nightmares, and your liability. The following objectives will be addressed in detail include:
The four rights of entry, 4th amendment, probable cause, exigent circumstances, Michigan v Tyler misconceptions, verse federal and state statutory rules for search warrants, search & seizure of evidence, fruits of the poisonous tree doctrine, understanding criminal statutes, Illinois statutory procedures, court room testimony as it applies to both criminal prosecution and civil litigation, federal and state understanding the rules and procedures as it applies to civil and criminal depositions, the advantages and grand jury procedures in the investigatory process, criminal verses civil subpoenas, spoliation of evidence, your aka governmental liability as it applies to spoliation and the public verse private sector, understanding and preparing for Daubert challenger or Frye challenge, detailed understanding of your liabilities and governmental liabilities - are you held accountable as it applies to criminal and civil liabilities for your actions.

Conference cost $110.00
Included each day is a continental breakfast and afternoon refreshments.

Registration and instructor information to be posted on the website as soon as it is available.
For additional information, contact D/C Dan Riordan at driordan225@yahoo.com  or Lt. Mike Bacon at 708-935-2616.


Will Grundy Cook Fire Investigative Task Force


Welcome to the Will, Cook & Grundy County Fire Investigation Task Force web site.

Task Force Command Staff Personnel

Congratulations to the new 2016 Task Force Command Staff that were selected at the April 19th meeting.

1. Commander William Stubitsch  

** Task Force Operations Liaison Chief - Lt. Michael Bacon 

2. Deputy Commander - Asst. Chief Jason Melahn

3. Deputy Commander - Deputy Chief Jamie Muirhead

Member Applications

Click HERE for an application for Membership to the Team.

Will Grundy Cook Fire Address

C/O Tinley Park Fire Department
17355 68th Court
Tinley Park, IL 60477


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